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Family Style Dining

Post time: 5:00 pm

At school we make the time to sit together, like a family, and eat lunch. We talk about our morning, use our very best manners and enjoy different foods. We usually try everything on our plate. If there’s something we don’t like, we talk about it. If there’s something we love, we talk about that too! Sometimes we ask for seconds using manners and being polite. If there’s a spill, no big deal. We get what we need to tidy up and move right along. Maybe most importantly, we learn how to take turns. How to serve ourselves or  maybe serve our friend too. We talk about what we’re thankful for and what we look forward to next! Memories are often made when gathered around the table.    

Every Day We Should PLAY!

Post time: 7:24 pm
O2B Kids director with student

Our Directors from Georgia were passing through Gainesville. They decided to stop at our Alachua Location to visit and most importantly, to PLAY! It’s moments like these that we’re reminded about what’s important! EVERY SINGLE DAY we should make time to play. To do something that matters to us. Try a new activity, do something different, explore, stretch the boundaries!