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Messy play is better then clean play!

Post time: 6:46 pm

As a teacher it’s our job to encourage students to try new things. To open their minds and ask them to think outside the box. They may experience things in the classroom that they couldn’t do otherwise. Fall is the perfect time for exploring and getting messy! From pumpkin weighing to pumpkin painting and ultimately to the carving. The options are endless and we do it all in our classrooms! We make predictions and guesses and talk about how many seeds we think we’ll find. We think about what the seeds might taste like when they get oven baked. But, perhaps the most fun comes from the pumpkin guts. When we pop the stem off and cut open the top, WE GET MESSY! There’s shrieks of excitement as we prepare to explore and the students can barely contain themselves. We’ve done all the learning, now let’s get messy. We dive right in.  Touching, scooping, sorting, smelling, exploring all things pumpkin guts and goo! It’s quite possibly one of the most fun days in the classroom. The faces that get made, the moments of astonishment when we’ve counted to 50 and we’re still finding seeds… IT IS SO FUN! Every day we learn through play and when it’s messy play, we often even forget that we’re still learning!

Every Day We Should PLAY!

Post time: 7:24 pm
O2B Kids director with student

Our Directors from Georgia were passing through Gainesville. They decided to stop at our Alachua Location to visit and most importantly, to PLAY! It’s moments like these that we’re reminded about what’s important! EVERY SINGLE DAY we should make time to play. To do something that matters to us. Try a new activity, do something different, explore, stretch the boundaries!