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They're Fun... They're Easy... and We Clean up the Mess!

All you do is bring the cake and we’ll do the rest! Choose from five themed two-hour parties complete with party favors, engaging activities and a Birthday T-Shirt for your party child. We provide all of the decorations, place settings and even the invitations. Your child & guests will have a blast AND we’ll clean up the mess!

Pick Your Party Theme!

Build your own Birthday Party or choose from one of our exciting themes!

O2B Kids


Receive the ROYAL Treatment! Fairy Dust Included!

  • Royal Proclamation & Games
  • Princess Props & Parade
  • Creative Canvases
  • Royal Dance Party
  • Crown Creations
O2B Kids


Ahoy! Get Yer Swagger on an’ Party with Your Mates!

  • Enjoy a Treasure Hunt Adventure
  • Sword Making & Plank Walking
  • Capture the Flag
  • Rock Wall Fun (6-13yrs Only)
  • Face Painting or Tattoos
O2B Kids


If Only the Superbowl Could be this Good!

  • Outside Adventures
  • Rock Wall Fun (6-13yrs Only)
  • Obstacle Course
  • Team Games
  • Autograph Session
O2B Kids


Calling all Superheroes! It’s Party Time!

  • Mask Making
  • Super Cape Creating
  • Obstacle Course
  • Rock Wall Fun (6-13yrs Only)
  • Outside Adventures
O2B Kids

Build Your Own

Pick the Activities Your Child will Love!

  • Outside Adventures
  • Freeze Dance
  • Dance Party
  • Rock Wall or Rock Room (6-13yrs Only)
  • Obstacle Course
  • Make Gak or Play-doh
  • Face Painting
  • Balloon Animals
  • Birthday Banner
  • Create a Canvass

Your Two-Hour Party Schedule

We begin in the Big Toy…move on to our exciting Themed Activities…and finish in your Party Room for Cake, Presents & Birthday Good Cheer!
  • 20 Minutes

    Big Toy Adventure

  • 60 Minutes

    Themed Activity Awesomeness

  • 40 Minutes

    Party Room Celebration

  • Unlimited

    Free Play After the Party


Be Sure to Bring Your Socks for the Big Toy!

Party Pricing & Policies

Our Parties Include

  • T-Shirt for Your Birthday Child
  • Goodie Bag, Party Favors & a Helium Balloon for all Guests
  • Party Leader for Two-Hours
  • O2B Party Invitations
  • Purple, Lime & Yellow Themed Party Room
  • Paper Goods & Lemonade for All Child Guests


  • $250 for Up to 10 Children (Including Birthday Child)
  • $15 for Each Additional Child
  • $10 for Additional Party Shirt
  • $5 for Extra Lemonade or Soda
  • Optional Gratuity for Party Leader


  • Host parent must remain in the building while guests are present.
  • Host parent is responsible for providing cake and/or ice cream.
  • Pizza can be ordered for delivery. Only commercially prepared food is allowed in the building.
  • All party guests must bring socks for play in the Big Toy.
  • Party themes determine room assignments and party time.
  • Party room is available to guests during the last 40 minutes of the party.
  • All guests may stay and play after the Party as long as the host parent is present.

Play Village Fun

After Your Party, Keep the Fun Going and Invite Your Guests to Stay and Join You in Our Play Village!

As long as you remain in the building, your guests are welcome to stay and PLAY! Whether it’s dressing up in the Costume Corner, racing through the Big Toy, constructing a castle in Building Things, climbing our Rock Wall, or mastering our giant Word Find, there’s plenty of FUN to be had by all!

Play Village Rooms

Big Toy

Book Nook

Building Things

Mind Gym

Hollywood Hangout

Rock Room

Play Cafe

Play Market

Word Find

It Takes Two

Toddler Play

Science Lab

Art Studio

Tech Lab


Dance Studio

Karate Dojo

Gymnastics Academy

Current Birthday Party Locations

O2B Kids programs vary by location and although we’re growing, we’re not everywhere yet! We currently provide Birthday Parties in our Supercenter locations:

O2B Kids

Altamonte Springs (Orlando)

O2B Kids

Fleming Island (Jacksonville)

O2B Kids


O2B Kids

Oviedo (Orlando)

How to Book a Party

Choose a Location & Contact a Fun Counselor

Pick a Party Theme, Date & Time

Pay a $50 Deposit

Schedule Now

Five Reasons Why O2B Parties are the Best!

Your Child Will Feel Like the Most Important Person in the World!

Your Guests Will Have a Blast!

We Set-Up! We Clean-Up! You Enjoy!

Our Environment is Safe & Secure!

You Will Create a Lifetime Memory for Your Family!


Can I add an activity or extend the length of my party?

We are not able to add an activity or extend party length. However, if you wanted to book two parties, back to back, your activities and length of party would double for you and your guests. We’re happy to do this for you, when available.

Can I have a guest character appear at my party?

Yes. The appearance will replace 1 of your the 3 activities. YOU would book the Character, handle all the details of the appearance, and pay them separately. WE would provide a space for the Character appearance and assist with party guests during that time. We prefer that Character appearances occur during our first or last parties of the day, when possible.

Is there a limit to how many parents can attend?

There is NOT a limit, however, it can be difficult to accommodate many adults into spaces meant for children’s activities. Adults may feel more comfortable watching an activity from outside a particular space or standing up when only child size seating is available. Of course, we do our best to accommodate when possible.

What activities are available AFTER my party?

Depending on what facility your party is at, activities afterwards may vary. Usually, our playground, play village area, the cafe, and our big toy is available for use! Face Painting, Rockwall, or other activities that require one on one staff, MAY NOT always be available. Please see the floor Supervisor the day of your party to determine what activities are available after your party.

Do we have to open gifts during the party?

Not all families open gifts during their party. It’s entirely up to you. If you choose NOT TO OPEN gifts, we will keep them in the party room for you and help load them into the car after your party. If you choose TO OPEN gifts, we’ll keep a gift list for you that includes the gift and child’s name who gave it to your child. We will organize gifts that have been opened and help load them into the car along WITH the gift list, after your party is over.

What should I do if I have younger and older children attending?

We suggest The O2B Party package! The activities can easily be adapted for varying ages.

Can I bring my own decorations?

You are welcome to bring decorations of your own, but do not have to! We provide table covers, helium balloons, place settings, and party favors for all guests.

Do Adults have to pay to attend?

No. Adults do not pay to attend the party. We invite grown ups to play with us during the party experience! It’s FUN!

When is the final party payment due?

At the end of your party we ask that you pay your party balance at our front desk. Any food/drink or guest additions you have made will be added to your balance. You are welcome to tip your party hosts as a part of the final invoice.

Does the 10 children INCLUDE the party child?

YES. The party child is a part of the total 10 participants.

Can we bring in outside food or drink?

You are welcome to bring in outside food or drink, but it must be commercially prepared. We encourage you to be aware of any allergies your guests may have.

Will you do all the activities listed for the theme?

YES. However, activities may be combined to make the experience more enjoyable for party guests. For example, a few children may get their faces painted while others are playing on the playground. Then we’ll rotate!

Can I decorate the party room myself?

We handle the decorations for you. Our parties are meant to be less work for you and enjoyable! If you’d like to come in after we’ve decorated and adjust things, you are more than welcome to.

What if more children attend than I originally stated?

You pay your remaining party balance at the end of your party. Should more than 10 children attend, you will be charged additionally for each child who does. Your RSVP helps us plan and prepare the space for your guests.

Can I bring a piñata?

You can. However, we would have to include the piñata popping as a part of another activity. Due to room scheduling and/or weather, there is no guarantee as to where we can hang it.

At what age do I pay for a party participant?

If a child participates in the party, at any age, they become a part of the party package and will be included in the total price of the party at check out.

Why can't I have home made food at my child's birthday party?

Allergies are the main reason for this policy. Most often, on store bought and pre-packaged items, a list of ingredients is provided. This is helpful for you and your party guests should someone have a concern. Also, if someone were to get sick from something homemade that was prepared at your party, liability could be an issue.
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